Interactive gaming zone

We were challenged to provide a unique in-store gaming experience, creating a high impact advertising area, as well as an interactive zone to encourage customers to get hands-on with 12 of the latest gaming PCs, monitors & consoles.

We delivered a 6x2 screen video gaming wall, which can be split into three 2x2 screen arrays, showing product videos and live gaming feeds from the consoles on display below the wall. The screen array is also used during live gaming events within the store where it can display 12 individual feeds from the 12 gaming PCs. The video wall can also be used to display ‘VS’ matches between two players at the gaming event, reverting back to three 2x2 video wall arrays displaying a feed from each player, and a large “VS” graphic in the centre. All of this can be controlled easily through a “drag and drop” system on the feed control iPad, which shows real-time content from the feeds, and updates automatically to each mode, allowing the staff to easily switch between them.