Thinking of AV at the end of a project? Think again.

In our many years of supporting the construction industry, we have noticed a clear pattern. The projects in which audio-visual and tech integration are discussed at the earliest stages, support them to become woven into the very fabric of the building design, ultimately achieving the best results.

Naturally, all trades think themselves crucial consideration in the design process. However, there is a common misconception that audio-visual equipment can be left until later as an “add-on”. Whilst audio-visual tech is usually one of the last stages in the building process, that does not mean that the planning should be left until last.

Technology is at the heart of nearly all modern workspaces. It’s not a sensible route, for example, for the architect to design the building without thought into the technology flow of its users and it’s risky for construction businesses to build then go and find displays that ‘fit’ a specific wall dimension after the building has been completed. Proper consideration should be given to the needs of the users within all spaces. By having the right technical support team from the outset, costly adjustments and project delays can be avoided later down the line. 


UXG support the construction industry by bringing decades of experience in creating audio visual experiences directly under their banner. Our close working bonds with architects, project managers, construction managers and other relevant roles ensure the end user needs are fully understood and therefore technology is correctly provided for to ensure workdays flow perfectly.

We support your site meetings to ensure that you know the recommended dimensions and weights for ‘that’ wall and its functionality, the right type and pitch of LED for ‘that roof top outdoor digital poster’ position and the right brightness for ‘the interactive window display’ in your bright and airy south facing atrium.

We aren’t just about awesome displays of course. The building is a space with a wealth of people and data within, so make sure you can take advantage of it. Through our workplace services, you have access to desk, room and space booking applications, interactive displays and our video conferencing offerings that are all ‘people aware’ so you can ensure conversations are open to all and the hybrid workplace runs smoothly and to the right capacities.

“That all allows us and the users to ensure the building’s space is being maximised efficiently”

UXG provide presales, sales, support and maintenance services all directly to you, no matter where you are, bringing you a comprehensive route to AV perfection for your construction plans.

Get in touch now and speak to one of our specialists to find out more and have a look as some of our case studies.