How to activate your brand with digital signage and environments

From points of sale to touch screen service hubs, digitally activating your brand can increase the potential of your offering and help you stand out from the crowd.

In any business, it’s important to ensure you’re constantly developing your visual assets and user experience – and going digital is your best bet. As a leader in providing digital solutions, we’ve looked at how activating your brand through digital signage and environments can bolster in-store engagement and interest.

When is it necessary?

In short, digital activation is imperative for all brands due to the competitive nature of today’s marketplace. It’s the survival of the fittest, so all businesses have to stand out as much as they possibly can to attract consumers to spend their hard-earned cash within their establishment.

Creatively incorporating digital signage and building a wider digital environment in an effective way is a key component in building consumer interest.

However, the necessity of digital solutions must befit the line of services offered. If we take the coffee shop trade as an example, digital signage to showcase the menu and having touch screen pads for customers to place orders can be seen as a necessary addition.

But then if we compare this to the needs of an opticians’ store, the digital environment requirements would be completely different. This sort of store would need devices to book and check in for appointments, whilst larger digital displays can allow customers to browse and virtually ‘try on’ different shapes and styles.

It isn’t a case of creating a digital environment for the sake of it. Having some form of solutions, though, is a necessity to build a brand for the future.

Ensuring it fits your brand’s identity  

With the idea of digital solutions being a necessity though, the utilisation of it must fit with the ethos of the brand.

Activating a digital environment should adhere to the identity you’ve set yourself, not one that isn’t true to your service offering. If a clothing company aimed at mature audience began to fit its store out with an abundance of technological advancements that almost made it more difficult for its clientele to operate, eyebrows would be raised – it just wouldn’t fit that brand’s identity.

Yet, if the same innovation and digital solutions were built into a fashion retailer aimed at a younger audience (let’s say 18-30), it would be an absolute perfect fit. A hip, cool brand can get away with pushing the boundaries of digital solutions to attract interest and engagement, compared to a business with a ‘safer’ identity.

Having your identity heading one way and your environment going another can create a dangerous business model, often leaving you in no-man’s land, so keep your digital solutions aligned to your brand ethos.

Enhancing customer experience through digital creativity

Creatively incorporating digital signage and building a wider digital environment in an effective way is a key component in building consumer interest. If you attempt to create a space that, to use the popular phrase, ‘has all the gear, but has no idea’ – insinuating the technology isn’t being used to its full potential – it can dissuade consumers from visiting.

This can be done in a number of ways. Firstly, turning your signage into a digital visual asset can help with a brand’s in-store digital activation. The need to be eye-catching is more evident than ever, so swapping out your static signs for creative carousel visuals can help bring a different appeal, showcasing your products and offering in a far better light.

Secondly, it’s about having the right digital solutions to enhance the consumer experience. We’ve already talked about ensuring the tech fits your brand’s ethos, but it also has to be beneficial to the customer – and implementing this in a creative manner is key. In the retail space, a creative digital activation can be achieved through having features such as holographic systems to show the varying products in different colours and sizes, whilst ‘smart’ mirrors where consumers can add items to their basket or efficiently request help from store assistants are also digital solutions that can enhance the user experience.

These sorts of solutions aren’t the standard ‘run of the mill’ features – they are creatively and digitally different approaches that will help activate customer engagement and interest with a brand.

To create a competitive brand that drives consumer engagement and interest, in-store digital activation is a necessity. Through utilising digital signage and solutions, the ability to build an environment that suits a brand’s identity and improves the efficiencies for customers is both feasible and achievable, and will stand you in good stead for the future.

For more insights into how UXG can assist in digitally activating your in-store space, visit our projects page.