The Evolution of Signage

One of digital signage’s biggest market sectors, retail, is experiencing a period of major change, as the internet continues to influence shopping and high street retailers come to terms with what this means for their stores, especially with regard to technology. Retail is changing, with brands looking to digital signage to deliver that killer in-store experience, seamlessly and non-intrusively.

Digital signage is the key tech driver, and always will be, but in order to survive the online attack, high street retailers are adding newer technologies to entice consumers into store and also to mirror and dovetail with the online shopping experience. Near-field triggers, and beacons are being combined with digital signage to change the way content is delivered and stores engage with shoppers.

The success and effectiveness of today’s digital signage increasingly depends on interactivity, with shoppers nonplussed by simple moving images or even stills. Today’s shoppers are likely to ignore large, static displays, with eyes and brains hungry for interactivity.