Retail Kiosks

Increase your sales and wow your customers

The design and quality of your retail display is paramount to support turning your customer’s interest into sales. It’s well known that getting the customer to interact with the products gives them a sense of ownership and closes the gap to the sale. The more interaction you give your customer, the smaller the gap to closing the sale becomes.

UXG will provide you with all the support you need for designing, building and installing fully interactive kiosks complete with nationwide support across all your stores. We’ve built kiosks for sales of watches and jewellery, frozen yogurts, noodles, gaming and much more. 

We can build to your own design or design for you, covering all your key requirements. Want an interactive display at the end to collect peoples data for your business? Done. How about a rolling menu of services updateable from anywhere at any time. Done. If you can imagine it, we can build it. (or tell you its impossible this year) 

Come put us to the test and get in touch via the Let’s talk button below or the chat. We’d be pleased to get you up and running anywhere in the world. 

You may be pleased to see how efficiently we can take you through the ideas, design and build stages and naturally right to the physical build stage at your site.

Have a watch of this installation video as our team install a kiosk in the mall in under 1 minute! Amazing work team!

Admin: for ‘legal reasons’ we should highlight this is a timelapse video and probably actually took 30 minutes 😉


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