Video Conferencing

Perfectly communicate and collaborate whether in the boardroom or the kitchen

Hybrid meetings are here to stay so it’s important that you have the technology in place to support those in the meeting room and those outside it. Whether its collaboration from the kitchen or deal breaking from the dining room, UXG can bring your users the confidence, agility and capability to empower successful conversations. 

We know it’s not a one size fits all world here and we have options to meet your any time and place needs; be they through pro-grade cameras, video bars and personal speakers devices or with in-room video conferencing systems and their accompanying audio visual resources. We enable your Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other platforms to work as efficiently as they possibly can, even if all your walls are glass and the far end can’t hear you properly right now, we have ways to help so they can. 

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No matter what type of conferencing system you might need, we can help your communication to both internal and external contacts as easy and seamless as possible.

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