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LED displays have now become the go to product for large format displays due to the flexibility of sizes available, the fact that they can be indoor or outdoor and most importantly for any customer, the price is now becoming competitive in comparison to traditional digital screens. 

UXG has expertise in all areas of LED displays and can advise on brightness, size and placement. As officially certified LED partners for both Philips and Samsung, we can provide a full turnkey solution from design and installation to maintenance, meaning that what appears to be a complicated solution is in fact an straightforward solution that can result in fantastic and vibrant displays. We also have extensive connections with far east manufacturers of LED and we will do all we can to meet your budget. 

The LED products are also constantly evolving and we keep up to date on all the latest technologies, whether it be pixel plotting or power saving capabilities to ensure we will advise on the perfect solution. Find out more now by dropping us a message via ‘Let’s Talk’ or hit us up in the chat box. 

Some of the LED projects that we have worked on


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