Bringing venues to life

UX Global has years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining digital out-of-home (DOOH) display solutions in hospitality & leisure settings from theatres to sports venues, to bring to life and enhance the experience and facilities, as well as drive increased and repeat footfall.

Just as people are now used to simultaneously watching TV while interacting with their smartphone, customers are increasingly looking for hybrid digital experiences from the venues they visit. The pandemic has also made ‘real world’ experiences more rare and valuable, requiring more digital input to continue the experience after the event.

Whether venues require external totems, a show-stopping LED display with integrated CMS, or just a single screen, UX Global’s expert team can advise on the latest technologies to provide a practical but unforgettable customer journey for theatre-goers, sports fans, gym bunnies, night clubbers, hotel/restaurant connoisseurs, and others ‘out on the town’.

We offer end-to-end support with wayfinding solutions that aid the seamless and safe use of venues, combining both digital and traditional signage, and help to identify and integrate the most fit-for-purpose software solution to manage it all.

UX Global will also help with identifying the ultimate software solution for any venue, whether a complex digital display content management system is required or just a simple standalone system that can be seamlessly managed by anyone.

Some of the hospitality & leisure projects that we have worked on​

Arc Inspirations bar venues

Digital display solutions supporting hospitality venue growth

The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Digital Screens and Meeting Rooms

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

Digital Signage and wayfinding


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