Apollo Resorts, Saudi Arabia

Magic Mirrors


Apollo Resorts & Leisure, has a long and successful history in the live sports and entertainment industry, exploring national and international opportunities and a number of significant corporate partnerships with global brands. Their focus is on property regeneration, live entertainment, sport, gaming and online opportunities in the UK and internationally. 


To design, manufacture, ship and install 20 Digital Magic Mirrors in a brand new, purpose built entertainment tent for use as a theatre in Saudi Arabia, within 12 weeks of concept approval. The mirrors were to create a dramatic digital feature in the entrance to the live theatre venue located in the Obhur waterfront district of Jeddah for ‘Jeddah Seasons’ 2019. The main challenge was to safely send 6.3 tonnes of digital hardware across the world without a single scratch or screw out of place. The additional challenge was to overcome the fact the screens were to be installed on giant curved walls within the tent.


An existing UXG design was used, which the client had seen at a trade show earlier in the year and modified it to fit their brief. Everything was expedited from the fire rated core material to the high-pressure laminate finish and the High Bright 75” Digital Signage panels. A full dry build procedure in our Leeds facility took place and soak tested for over a week to ensure there would be no issues once on site over 3,000 miles away. Bright Sign Media players and CMS software we used to deploy and synchronise the relevant content to the displays once installed before opening night in Jeddah. Bespoke made shipping crates were manufactured by us to ensure a snug fit for all the delicate hardware.


UXG carried out a fully turnkey solution for the client from design, development and installation to logistics, international shipping and software. All tasks were managed and completed, including installing the screens, housings, bracketry, players, Cat5 and deploying the content within 48hrs of arrival in Saudi and within one hour of opening night at the world’s first ‘Teatro in a tent’ pop up event.

We had to overcome challenges of shipping 6.3 tonnes of digital hardware and surrounds across the world without suffering a single scratch. It would be nice to say our Project Manager developed a foreign dialect, but it was more his sign language that improved.


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