House Building

Enhance spaces of any shape and any size with intelligently designed LED displays, large format displays, indoor or outdoor.

When you’re welcoming prospective buyers into your Show Home, you need the space to say one thing to the buyers… ”Welcome Home”. You’ve worked tirelessly on the construction to ensure every detail looks perfect, hired stagers to make the space inviting… maybe you’ve even brewed a fresh pot of coffee to give the space a homely aroma. However, there is probably a major detail you are missing. Familiarity. 

Potential buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in the house, to envision how their families and possessions would fit into the space. Choosing a house to make into a home is an incredibly difficult decision to make based on a few cursory visits to an “example” of what their home will look like. Giving buyers the ability to familiarise themselves with the space is key. Interactive technology in show homes can do just that. Buyers can view floor plans and 3D models up close on the displays, to really get to grips with the property they would be buying, offering them a sense of ease and familiarity. 

This technology can also help you to put your best foot forward by creating a seamless house viewing experience. Rather than signing in on a paper list, prospective buyers can seamlessly sign-in with a QR code emailed to them prior to their visit. Interactive tables can be used to show prospective buyers brochures and documents with ease, in a large high-definition format. Sensors can be positioned to automatically fill the rooms with a pleasant aroma when prospective buyers approach. Sensors can also track which areas of the home viewers are spending the most time in, which you can use to understand which areas of the home are drawing the attention of prospective buyers and maximise the space. The possibilities are endless.  Do you think your show homes aren’t reaching their full potential? Get in touch with us, we can provide a free evaluation of the space and suggest solutions to fit your needs.

Some of the house building & construction projects that we have worked on


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