House Building & Construction

When your building stands next to many other buildings, what makes it stand out?

Its design could be one way, but the key to really making it stand out in a grey world is with colour. Enhance spaces of any shape and any size with intelligently designed LED displays, large format displays, indoor or outdoor.

UXG will fully support your content and design ideas to bring clear digital signage and advertising capabilities to both your visitors and passersby. With full in-house manufacturing capabilities too, we design spaces that are aesthetically pleasing along with displaying your messaging with utmost clarity. We aren’t an AV company that just sticks a display on a wall and leaves it at that, so if you want the perfect surround and finish, we are here for you too. 

Come say hello to UX Global, hit the chat or drop us a message via the ‘let’s talk’ below. 

Some of the house building & construction projects that we have worked on


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