Agile, interactive, engaging workplaces and corporate event spaces

Co-working spaces, videoconferencing, Teams, Zoom, virtual meetings, hybrid offices, hot-desking, remote-working, virtual-physical hybrid conferences and corporate events. In the post-pandemic world of work, technology has not only accelerated but transformed how employers, colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders work, communicate, and interact across the globe.

At UX Global, we bring our years of experience in the most innovative digital display solutions to the workplace and corporate event space of the future. We work with commercial property developers, employers, office interiors companies, and other contractors to ‘build in’ workspace and event space technology from the outset so it becomes part of the company headquarters, co-working space, or venue ‘DNA’, rather than an ‘add-on’.

We combine audio-visual hardware (as LED display screen specialists) and flexible software integration expertise to bring solutions like smart desks, digital room booking, touchless visitor management, digital office/corporate event venue signage, and hybrid in-office/remote video-conferencing to life in the most engaging and interactive way.

All of this not only improves daily workflow and productivity, but also improves delegate and employee engagement, provides you with in-depth people data, and helps to hit ESG targets through waste reduction, improved energy efficiency, and things such as doing away with unnecessary business travel. It is workplace collaboration at its finest.

Talk to us about your corporate sector digital display needs, visit our interactive showroom to see the latest innovations in action, and/or take a virtual walkthrough the office of the future using the interactive map below:

Some of the corporate projects that we have worked on


Content Management System & Displays

1 City Square

Site wide Signage Refurbishment

Corner Block

Interactive Coffee Table and more


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