Footasylum Bristol store

UK-first ‘wow factor’ LED display installation

The client

Established in 2005, Footasylum has made a name for itself as one of the UK’s leading retailers of fashion streetwear and sportswear. Always on the lookout for new and upcoming brands, they’ve got their finger firmly on the pulse of the street and sports fashion scene, claiming to ‘defy ordinary’.

A relatively new client of UX Global, Footasylum continuously challenges our digital display team to engage and inspire its young, trend-conscious customers with exciting, memorable, immersive in-store experiences which showcase the brands on offer.

The Challenge

Footasylum originally wanted a fully flexible digital display system throughout their retail store network that could be easily updated from anywhere with the capability to include curated social media feeds and high quality synchronised HD video streams.

Once that system was designed and installed, they wanted to use it to create large-scale impact through things such as store re-openings like the recently refurbished Cabot Circus store in Bristol. At this store, they wanted a large format LED display in the window to capture attention which was subject to regular direct sunlight and had limited access for installation.

Our Solution

As certified Philips Platinum Partners and LED experts, the UX Global team knows what we’re talking about when it comes to large format, high quality displays. For the Footasylum Bristol store refurbishment, we worked with Philips to recommend its brand new P3.1 high bright 7000 series LED screen technology (its most energy-efficient and cost-effective ever) because of its capability to deliver clarity and performance in even the most challenging lighting conditions and its flat design. This 3.5m x 3.75m display was the first installation of this technology in the UK, reflecting Footasylum’s innovative ethos, and creating maximum ‘instagrammable’ impact for the brand on the high street.

To ensure smooth installation in a tight space and zero disruption to the busy retailer, we carried out the works over two consecutive nights so that trading and the smooth running of the store was unaffected. A light sensor was also installed to alter the brightness so that it is suitable and comfortable for viewing in both sunny periods and overnight, with added energy saving benefits.


Since moving its digital signage network with UX Global, Footasylum has continued to expand it with the inclusion of innovative technology that transforms the in-store experience and the customer’s shopping process. We have provided them with additional 4K displays and signage licenses and they continue to push the boundary of amazing high street audio visual (AV) displays.

Alistair Wright, Managing Director at UX Global, comments: “The quality of the new high bright LED technology installed at the Bristol store has proven to be an immediate success for Footasylum, punching through the reflective glass and creating an attention-grabbing first impression to customers walking through the door. The bold choice to utilise this new technology has helped to maximise return on investment from the refurbishment. It is this kind of unrestricted creativity in any size, shape or location while maintaining the highest visual quality that makes LED so appealing and we are confident this latest installation will stand the test of time for some years to come.

 “We love working with retailers like Footasylum because of their desire to be at the forefront of immersive digital customer experiences. The Bristol store project had logistical challenges for our design and installation team to overcome, but our experience of working with the most up to date technologies across a whole range of different retail and other environments, meant that we could quickly recommend the best and most practical solution for a statement feature that would create ultimate ‘wow factor’ on the high street.

“The fact that we were able to pull this project off is thanks to the work that we had already done to lay the foundations of a first-for-purpose digital display system for the brand across the UK. A great example of how a long-standing relationship with an innovative and strategic digital signage partner can pay off.”


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