Schuh Retail AV

Schuh, Oxford Circus, UK

The Client

After opening their first store in Edinburgh in 1981, Schuh has grown significantly to become the well-known national footwear retailer they are known as today. Schuh now has 132 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as a store in Oberhausen, Germany.

The Challenge

In 2019, UXG were asked by Schuh to implement full scope AV into their flagship Oxford Street store comprising digital screens, LED and audio. UXG had installed smaller digital and audio systems for Schuh in other locations across the UK. However, as Schuh’s flagship store, Oxford Street required a show-stopping AV solution. 

The Solution

Our design team worked with the Schuh Store Development Team to design housings recessed into the fixtures for a truly seamless look. This was drawn up in detail to ensure all sizes were correct and agreed. We also advised on the design of cable runs, screen maintenance access and digital signage player location which were important aspects to ensure future care for the project.

Schuh wanted to use an existing LED from the store pre-refurbishment however we noted issues on the LED with it having many diodes not working. This LED therefore would not be fit for use within the flagship store, so the advice was given to the client to maintain this display at a non customer facing site. We carefully removed the old LED and transported and reinstalled this in Schuh Head Office for future use.

With the audio scheme, UXG had previously implemented similar systems for the client, but had run into some issues with store staff being able to manually adjust the volume and have loud music in the store without sufficient control. We learned from this and specified an engineer-set remote control, back of house which would limit adjustment. We also changed the wiring design to zone the audio better.


We designed, we supplied, we installed. All while taking the customer on the journey to what is a fantastic flagship store.


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