Robotic guests visit UX Global’s Innovation Hub!

Things have gone very futuristic at UX Global, as the team hosted a special guest to it’s Leeds-based innovation hub this week – the PUDU Robotics ‘KettyBot’! Billed as the ultimate flexible multitasker that can work in a number of settings including catering, retail and manufacturing, KettyBot is the future when it comes to robot technology.
KettyBot’s key features include:
– Superior Mobility
– Customised Advertisement
– Customer Attraction
– Greeting and Escorting
– AI Voice Interaction
– Automatic Task Setting
– Multiple Delivery Modes
– Automatic Recharging

Alistair Wright, Managing Director at UX Global comments: “The PUDU robots are new to the UK, so we were excited to receive an exclusive demo and see KettyBot in action, cruising round our Leeds showroom! The features are amazing from its voice interaction, customized advertisement and search and guide capability, it’s a fascinating insight into everything that robotic technology has to offer. We are constantly exploring new innovations for our customers and can’t wait to start introducing robots into our projects, particularly with our big brand retailers and hospitality clients, the possibilities are endless.”
KettyBot is just one in the family of robots from PUDU and is distributed by Solstice AV.