Using touchless technology to bring digital display and AV solutions to life

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, our retail, hospitality & leisure and corporate clients were looking for ways to make their environments safer for shoppers, visitors and employees without

compromising on digital display and AV innovation.


While things are now back to (the ‘new’) normal and our latest touchy-feely solutions such as solutions using sensors or QR codes that can display everything from stock levels and specifications to the latest prices when customers interact with them, some of the ‘touchless technology’ which emerged is still going strong.


One such innovation is something our in-house electrical engineering whizz Nick came up with: Speakers which come alive and start playing when customers approach them. Electronics retailers have seen the benefits of this sort of thing in terms of shopper engagement and sales.


Similarly, retailers and customers alike are wowed by the interactive mirror we have in our digital display showroom. It can be used to display anything from advertising to interactive eye-catching moving images which then automatically turn into a reflective surface when shoppers trying on clothes or shoes walk past them. In fact, almost any surface can become a multi-use ad/info marketing space with things such as transparent LED to replace windows and interactive display screen fridges behind bars.


While immersive venues and stores which give visitors a hands-on digital experience are becoming increasingly popular, it’s still possible to utilise these technologies without customers having to physically touch anything – and with robotic and voice controls growing in use, the possibilities are endless.