UX Global highlights key benefits of new digital display trends for 2023

As the digital display partner of choice for retailers, developers, architects, specifiers, ad agencies, and more, it is our job at UX Global to have our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations in the world of digital media and signage. However, we never recommend ‘technology for technology’s sake’: It has to have a purpose and outcome for the client and end user, whether that’s enhanced customer experience or greater efficiency.

At the end of 2022, we announced some of the new and upcoming and emerging technologies that we will be utilising in the design, manufacture, install and maintenance of digital display projects for our retail, hospitality & leisure, corporate and construction clients in 2023. Here, we breakdown their benefits in a bit more detail:

3D LED from Liantronics

At the end of 2022 our manufacturing and display solution provider partner Liantronics launched the “W” 3D Solution at the international exhibition Inter BEE 2022. This amazing innovation comprises 1.2mm LED, “W” shape with smooth wave curved corners, convex and concave, featuring 3D content, which shifts outdoor applications to indoor to create stunning 3D effects. We recently shared an installation from LianTronics which included over 330 sqm of indoor LED walls in a nightclub venue creating an impressive and immersive atmosphere to enhance the entertainment experience for ultimate wow factor.

Robots from PUDU Robotics

We hosted an exclusive visit from PUDU Robotics to our showroom in December 2022 where we were introduced to the all-new ‘KettyBot’ and we didn’t waste any time introducing it to our customer and the UK’s largest electrical retailer Curry’s. In a retail first Curry’s has recruited robots to the shopfloor in three of its UK-based stores. The pilot project saw KettyBot robots working alongside the Currys team to help its customers navigate its extensive product ranges more easily. The benefits of utilising robotics to retailers are endless and include boosting sales, reducing operational costs, improving efficiency and enhancing the instore experience. Check out Curry’s TikTok HERE.

Hologram technology from PROTO

Another epic innovation in the world of digital displays for 2023 is the introduction of holograms from LA start-up Proto, being positioned as a ‘window to the Metaverse’. We’ll soon be able to offer the PORTL M, the ‘hologram in a box’ in tabletop form that lets viewers see, hear and interact with people and objects that are literally ‘beamed in’ from anywhere in the world! The opportunities for use of The M are endless and we can’t wait to see it up and running with our customers soon.

Alistair Wright, Managing Director at UX Global, comments: “We are working with some world leading digital display innovations this year and the technology we can now offer our customers is next level. From robots cruising around retail spaces supporting the shop floor team to 3D display without the glasses, and holograms that can be beamed in ‘live’ anywhere at any time, there are so many exciting ways our customers will be able to integrate them to enhance customer service and experience, workplace productivity, and the sales. Stay tuned for upcoming installations of the ‘W’, robots, and the ‘M’ from UX Global.”

For more information on the new innovations we’re introducing in 2023 get in touch on 0113 285 8280 or email hello@uxglobal.co.uk (general enquiries)