schuh kids, Westfield Stratford Store

First UK retailer to adopt our floating shoe and mosaic wall concepts

The client

schuh started life as an independent shoe shop in the early 80’s and is now a national fashion brand with 123 stores across the UK and Ireland.

The first schuh kids stores opened in 2012 in three shopping centres; Lakeside, Braehead in Glasgow and Liverpool with the London Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre store following in 2016. The Westfield store was refurbished in July 2023 and, having worked with the brand on many previous projects, including implementing full scope AV into its Oxford Street store, UX Global was tasked with creating an interactive, innovative and unique digital experience  to bring the fun, colourful and vibrant vision for the store to life.

The challenge

The schuh team was looking for ways to create impact throughout the store with cutting-edge LED solutions, including maximising the entrance and windows, creating wow factor, increasing foot fall and enhancing customer engagement.

Our solution

The UX Global team’s concept for schuh kids involved the design, manufacture and installation of a plethora of cutting edge retail technology solutions.

The store window features four unique LED podiums that each host a rotating trainer/shoe utilising electromagnetic technology. The content for these uses one canvas spanning across all four displays giving an amazing effect to passing shoppers.

The open entrance to the store features a bespoke mosaic LED made up of multiple angled screens to create a stunning display, all inset into the entrance wall. To complete the scheme, we used bright Philips screens  round the perimeter, a 3×2 video wall in a centre feature wall and an interactive touch games table screen to keep the very little ones happy whilst in store.

All these innovations make it impossible for passers-by to not only notice the trend-setting products on offer, but also receive an inviting welcome for youngsters shopping with their parents.



Garry Pullan, Technical Director at UX Global comments: “It is always a pleasure to work with the store development team at schuh and schuh kids Westfield Stratford is such a fun store. We were excited to bring it to life even more with innovative digital display solutions that would enhance the customer experience and create an unmissable entrance. schuh was the first UK retailer to adopt our floating shoe and mosaic wall concepts which both provide ultimate ‘wow factor’ to the store frontage.”



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