The Digital Workplace

A digital workspace is the next logical step in how businesses will aspire to operate and grow. It allows a business to develop a global footprint, opening itself to new talent and territories that only a few years ago would have meant investment in overseas offices and infrastructure that may not have been attainable by many.

People now expect a certain level of tech within companies, computers are a foundation and employees expect to see a development on top of that, from digital signage, video conference, VR and AR

The idea of a digital workspace is being discussed more thanks to the same thinking behind the popularity of the smartphone, accessibility and ease of use. Once a piece of technology has these attributes, it becomes mainstream. Adoption levels soar and you could be forgiven for feeling like it's an overnight change. Like the smartphone, the 'cloud' is now mainstream. Even those who don't follow tech will have an idea of what one would mean if they were to mention the 'cloud' and have a basic level of understanding of how it works.